Development – Week 15

Week 15– Sensory organs develop!

Now that you are more comfortable with your pregnancy now, and you eagerly look forward to meeting your baby! Well, your baby this week can finally hear you and feel your heartbeat! How cool is that? This is because the sensory organs are functional and help your baby to detect movements and sensations. Your baby is also growing faster and weighs around 68 – 75 grams and is now the size of an apple.

So, let’s summarize the main events that you will see in this week

Your baby can finally hear and feel you! Also, the little one’s sensory organs become so sharp that it can feel the presence of light despite its eyelids being shut.

The baby’s movements become more complex. The baby’s limbs start developing and the little one starts kicking and punching. If you observe carefully you will also notice that the toes start curling.

Inside your womb, your baby also practices swallowing, grasping and sucking.

Lanugo (the fine layer of downy hair) seen last week, now covers the baby’s back, shoulders, forehead, and ears. This helps in retaining the little one’s body heat till the body fat is formed under the skin.

The baby continues making various facial expressions to give the developing facial muscles a workout. The structures on your baby’s face (ears, nose, and eyes) are in the final position.

Developmental Milestones Summary:

Your baby’s sensory organs develop. Along with it the baby’s limbs also continue to form.

 Ultrasound findings:

An ultrasound shows the baby’s developed face with various facial features. The developing limbs are also seen. The gender of the child can be determined at this week but at times remains inconclusive.

Fetal Size:

The baby now measures around 4 to 4 1/2 inches from crown to rump (CRL).

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