Food Aversion during Pregnancy

As much as you crave for one food or another during pregnancy, you may also not be able to stand the smell of some of them! Food aversion is yet another mystery during pregnancy. About 50% of expectant moms get aversions of one kind or the other. These aversions are individual and some of you may have aversion to your favorite cup of coffee too!

Food aversions usually start in the first trimester and they usually accompany another prominent symptom of pregnancy – morning sickness. Aversion usually begin within a week after you notice nausea/vomiting. It peaks during the first trimester, but in some, it may last for the entire journey of pregnancy. New aversions may develop at any stage of pregnancy.

The actual reason for an aversion is not known. Hormones are considered to be the culprit behind this symptom. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropic hormone increases gradually during the first few weeks and peaks around 11 weeks. It is possibly related to the start of morning sickness and food aversions.

Some of the common food aversions during pregnancy include meat, egg, fish, onions, milk, coffee, tea, and garlic. These aversions are not related to the diet prior to pregnancy. Food aversions are not harmful to the mother or the baby, even though you may avoid some foods which are considered to be good during pregnancy. Consider the diet as a whole and ensure that you get all the essential nutrients. There is nothing wrong with saying NO to a certain food which you have aversion to if your diet is healthy and balanced.  If you are unable to eat most of the foods, do inform your doctor. Track your weight gain and discuss the same with your nutritionist/gynecologist.


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