Clumsiness during Pregnancy

Feel clumsier with the growing bump? Tend to drop things to the ground often? Accidentally bumping into cabinets in the house? It IS a normal pregnancy package!!! Studies show that more than 25% of pregnant women tend to fall or slip during pregnancy. Most of you may notice that this clumsiness starts during the second trimester. That is when the bump really shows and starts to grow. But some of you may notice that this symptom appeared a bit earlier with increased hormone levels and fatigue.


  • Growing belly – the growth of your bump shifts the center of gravity, throwing your balance off the track. It is more common when you are climbing a flight of stairs or while walking on slippery surface. Needless to say, if the bump is big enough to prevent you from seeing past your feet, there is an increased chance of slips and trips!
  • Weakness in abdominal muscles – as the bump grows with the fetus, the abdominal muscles tend to weaken and this affects your movement considerably.
  • Increasing hormone levels – pregnancy hormones loosen the ligaments and joints leading to tingling, numbness and even pain in the fingers which in turn affects your ability to hold things firmly.
  • Fatigue – pregnancy fatigue is another common cause of fall and trips!
  • Pregnancy brain – or forgetfulness during pregnancy may make you work more to search for that pan or key when you need them the most. And when you finally find them right there, you fail to hold on to properly!


You may not be able to prevent clumsiness totally, but you can take adequate precautions to make things better!

Since you understand the condition better now, slow down and take things gradually in your routine

  • Avoid risky postures, tasks, and situations
  • Avoid high heels, opt for sturdy shoes
  • Walk carefully holding on to handrails while climbing
  • Avoid walking on a slippery surface
  • Use maternal support belts for better posture
  • Avoid lifting heavy things

When should you contact your doctor for clumsiness?

It is normal to have some amount of clumsiness, but if it is accompanied by other symptoms like blurred vision, lightheadedness or headaches, do inform your doctor. And needless to say, if you fall and hit the bump call your doctor immediately.

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