Prenatal Classes – What Are The Things You Should Look For In One

What are prenatal classes?

Prenatal classes prepare an expectant mother & her partner during the course of their pregnancy. It is mainly aimed to help reduce the anxiety and apprehensions of the couple and make their pregnancy progress smoothly.

So, what should you look for in a prenatal class?

  1. The place that you go to should have certified/trained professionals who take prenatal classes.
  2. Proper information on all the course should be explained well in advance.
  3. The course should be validated by people who you know, preferably, or through someone who you can get in touch with and find out about the program.
  4. Space should be well maintained and cleanliness is a must.
  5. First aid facilities and accessibility to a hospital nearby are needed.
  6. Proper guidance and reciprocity by the center are vital.

Let’s now see the key components that any prenatal should cover:

  1. Orientation and Counselling: The course that you do choose to go, should be tailor-made for your pregnancy. You should be counseled on the what to expect out of your pregnancy and also how to deal with the stresses and experiences with ease. A panel of trained professionals, including psychologists who handle peri-natal depression, anxieties, and fear during pregnancy is essential. This prepares you mentally for labor.
  2. Diet plan: Just because you are pregnant, there is no excuse to eat whatever you like. A nutritionist or a dietitian will help chart a personalized diet plan for you taking into account your health status and pregnancy.
  3. Exercise: Apart from your diet, your exercise helps you stay physically fit. It is important that you have trained physiotherapists or personnel who know what exercise is right for your pregnancy and body. This includes a variety of exercises like prenatal yoga, stretches, pelvic floor exercises. This strengthens your core muscles and prepares you physically for labor.
  4. Preparation for parenthood: This is essential especially for first-time parents. Many parents talk only about the joys of parenthood. Very few actually speak about how stressful it will be and how your life is permanently altered. It is hard work. Not to mention the details of – whether you should consider breastfeeding or formula feeding, how to manage to rear a newborn, what all is required, so on and so forth.






Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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