Fatigue during Pregnancy

Fatigue is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, the intensity of which varies with individuals. It is common during the first trimester, may disappear during the second, and return in the third trimester. Some of you may not experience this symptom much, but others may feel fatigued throughout the journey. For some of you, fatigue may be hard but it is not harmful to the fetus.

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In the first trimester, the change in energy levels may be attributed to the changing levels in hormones. Increased progesterone levels may make you feel sleepy. Both physical and emotional changes during this period are known to cause fatigue. Common discomforts like reduced sleep and morning sickness may also take its toll on your energy levels.

During the second trimester, energy levels sore back to normal and make you feel more like your old self.  In some cases, fatigue may be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia or depression. In the third trimester, sleep issues, increased body weight, and frequent urination may all lead to fatigue. You may also have lower back pain, leg cramps, or heartburn, all of which may result in fatigue.

Management of fatigue

Rest – It is a symptom that asks you to slow down for some time. Take care to get enough rest. You can try to go to bed early or get up a bit late, depending on your schedule. Small power naps in between your work also help a lot in managing fatigue. If frequent urination is affecting your quality sleep time, reduce the intake of water few hours before you go to bed.

Reduce your workload – if the extra pressure at work or home is making you feel exhausted, try to get some help. If it is in the workplace, adjust your schedule so that you can work from home once in a while.

Healthy diet – You can increase your energy levels by tweaking your menu. Try to include a balanced diet with enough iron and proteins. And needless to say, keep yourselves well hydrated.

Exercise – Moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day can work wonders on your energy levels. It can be walking or any other mild exercises that can be done by pregnant women. Do talk to your doctor to understand more about the type of exercises that you can include. Update your activities on Savika to keep yourselves motivated!

When should you meet your doctor for fatigue?

If your fatigue is persistent and severe, do talk to your doctor. You need to inform your gynec about fatigue if there are additional symptoms like

These may be symptoms of other conditions like prenatal depression or iron deficiency anemia.

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