Mood Swings during Pregnancy

Surprised to see yourself shedding tears for some odd movie scene or commercial which you never noticed earlier? We are not! Surprised that you re irritated more often than before? We are not! Found yourself laughing and then feeling totally down moments later when everything else around you is normal? These mood swings are normal during pregnancy with so many changes happening in your body. They are common symptoms of hormonal surges in the body but should be monitored closely especially if you have a history of mental health problems. It usually starts in the first trimester, but many of you may find a respite from these mood swings in the second trimester. And as you get closer to your due date, they may ‘swing’ back again for some time.


As in the case of many other pregnancy symptoms and issues discussed earlier, hormones are the culprits. The dramatic changes in hormones in the first trimester affect the brain and make your behavior quite unpredictable. But, hormones are not the only ones to be blamed in this case. Having a baby is a totally different experience, whether it is first, second or any other time. You will have your set of excitement, worries, anxieties, discomforts, and happiness associated with pregnancy. It is thus no surprise that you are experiencing these swings.   In the last trimester, particularly closer to the due date, your concerns about future and labor may make it difficult for you to keep a straight face always.


Never blame yourself for being in this emotional roller coaster. These swings will resolve soon. Meanwhile, you can try these tips:

  • Talk about it – Talking to someone about your feelings is the best way to take the burden away – be it your husband, friend or parents. You can also talk about it in Savika Community with your ‘pregmates’.
  • Get enough rest – ensure that you get enough sleep in the night. In the daytime take those power naps to feel relaxed.
  • Exercise – Exercise is one of the best ways to lift you. So get moving, be it swimming, walking or just strolling in the garden with your bestie.
  • Do something interesting – Make it fun! Go for a movie, catch up with a friend, or just read a book and feel the mood lifting automatically.

If your mood is affecting your daily routine, it is time to get help. It may be an indication of depression or anxiety. Talk to your doctor so that you will be able to enjoy this journey – every day!

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