Baby shower themes

A baby shower is something a mom-to-be will remember for a lifetime, next only to delivery. Add more excitement to your plan by adding a special theme to the celebration. Up the fun factor by including décor, menu, invitations, and gifts based on the themes. Here are few themes that may be of interest to you.

A sunny shower

The ideal way to welcome a Sunny baby for a mom-to-be with a due date in Summer. Sunny Yellow décor, yellow flowers, sunny invitations, and a mango-based welcome drink. Let your imagination fly with a summer theme. An outdoor sunny breakfast may be a good option for this mom-to-be.

Winter Shower

White and silver colored décor and invitations — winter baby shower gives you more options, though you may not get many fresh flowers during this season. It is best to have it indoors with piping hot chocolate drink and finger foods. You may also reuse some of the Christmas decorations.

Star baby shower

The best way to help expectant mom welcome her little star to this world. This one can be indoors with a beautiful décor of the starry sky. Add few blue or silver-colored stars onto the napkins, curtains, plates, glasses for extra dressing. And the menu should have star-shaped cookies!

Storybook shower

This is a truly fun spin for the celebration! Each part of the shower, including menu and décor, will match a children’s storybook. Imagine a menu with fruit carving in the form of a ‘Hungry Caterpillar’! The cake can be in the shape of stacked storybooks. Add snacks of chocolate pops from ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ or tacos from ‘Dragons love tacos’. Don’t forget to add the front page of the book on the side.

Craving-based shower

This is the best way to help the mom-to-be to indulge in her favorite food. Let the menu, décor, and invitation feature all her favorites. The décor can have an ice-cream fudge shaped bouquet placed on ice-cream cones or sundae glasses. Dessert plates, ice-cream bowls, and scoopers can add to your décor. An outdoor buffet including all special cravings of the mom-to-be will be an attraction.

Family tree shower

A family tree based shower will be a fun way to welcome the new branch of the tree. The décor should of perfect pics (preferably in black-n-white) of family members hanging around. This will remind them of the good times! Go for favorite dishes of each family member named ‘Dad’s favorite’ or Uncle’s choice. Add a family recipe too.


These are just a few ideas floating around. Let your imagination wild and you are sure to find much more interesting ones! Don’t forget to add a scrapbook for all guests to enter their comments.

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