Development – Week 10

Week 10 – Beginning of fetal period

Welcome to week 10 of your pregnancy. Your baby has grown tremendously by now. Their little fingers and toes are starting to change from being titchy buds into actual digits. Although you won’t be able to feel it yet, your baby is making the most of his/her space by stretching and moving about.

So, let’s summarize the main events that you will see in this week

Your baby is now swallowing liquid.

The little one by now has completed the most critical portion of his development.

Vital organs – including the brain, kidneys, intestines, and liver are in their position in the body and start to function

The baby’s arms and legs have tiny fingers with no webbing, and now have nails forming! The shoulders, elbows, and knees can be bent now.

The outline of the spine is curved and can clearly be seen through the translucent skin. Also, the head area of the baby is bulging due to the growing brain.


Developmental Milestones Summary:

Your baby’s limbs are now moving. The vital organs are fully functional.

Ultrasound findings:

The baby starts looking like a new-born, with areas of developing facial bone being seen. Ears are almost fully developed with the fingers and toes. The neck also starts to develop by this week.

Fetal Size:

The baby now measures around 1 to 1 1/4th of an inch from crown to rump (CRL).

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