Month 4

The first phase of the second trimester. Another milestone! You feel replenished and gain back all the energy that you feel you lost in the previous months. A slight bump (due to your growing baby in your womb) may be felt by you despite it still being hidden from the world.

So what are the common symptoms during this month?

Development of the baby

By the end of this month, the baby will be around 2 inches in length from head to buttocks (also known as the crown to rump length) and weighs around 12 g. Baby’s reflexes are formed in this month and they start to make slight movements in your womb. But, you may be unable to notice these wriggling as of now. Baby’s face is forming and bones are hardening. Nerve cells in baby’s brain have increased in number and many new connections are forming at a rapid rate. Baby’s intestine is also growing fast and kidneys now start excreting urine into the bladder.

So, what you should know:

  1. Your breasts may start producing colostrum (the nutrient-rich fluid released for the first few days after birth) and this is perfectly normal even though you have months more to go to deliver your little one!
  2. Since you feel less nauseous and fatigued, mild to moderate exercise can be done with more ease. The first trimester symptoms disappear, and you feel invigorated.
  3. In some women, there is an increase in their sex drive.
  4. Nutrition and diet should be regulated as you enter the second trimester. You gynecologist will help you increase your nutrient and supplement intake as the month. You may need an additional 340 calories from this month
  5. Your skin changes and the so called ‘pregnancy glow’ is seen this week. In some unfortunate cases appearance of acne, rashes and moles are also seen.
  6. Time to take out the Vitamin E lotion as stretch marks start forming (especially around the stomach and breasts).
  7. If you have pets in the house, avoid them. This is especially true in case of cats, which increase the risk of Toxoplasmosis.
  8. High time people knew about your pregnancy. If you haven’t shared the good news around – about time you did! Share the ladoos and the happiness with your near and dear ones.
  9. Now that you have the extra energy. Plan, enjoy and pick out names for your baby. Some women plan a baby photoshoot. If you are one such mommy, then get in touch with other mommies and plan post-delivery. Enjoy this phase and make the most of it.
  1. It is most likely that you may freak out a lot in the second trimester. The first just passed away with you getting accustomed to the pregnancy and your body’s reaction to it. It is only during the second trimester, the pregnancy becomes real for a couple, in terms of changing schedules, handling finances and accommodating their lives to the new member of their family. It is a normal reaction; every couple faces it! So, as a couple, face it head on and plan accordingly.


What should you eat?


Include lots of fiber in your diet this month. Have more of whole grains and leafy vegetables during this time. Try to take more of nuts, olive oil and fresh water fish to get essential fatty acids. There is an increased demand for calcium and your doctor may prescribe a calcium supplement. Help your baby to develop strong bones by having milk and milk products. Try to include two glasses or milk or curd in your meal. Needless to say, have more of fresh fruits to get the benefits of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it will also give you a good amount of fiber. The fetus is having a growth spurt in this trimester and more iron should be part of your diet. Add nuts, daal, egg, dried fruits and whole wheat products in your menu.


Keep charting your progress. Make it a point to include your partner also in your daily/weekly changes. Also, visiting your doctor together as a unit may help the couple bond together in their pregnancy.

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