Month 7

Month 7 (week 25-week 28)

You’re almost at the end of your second trimester. If you haven’t planned your baby shower, babymoon or worse – you haven’t done any changes in your home for your baby’s arrival, high time you did now!

Here are some of the common symptoms for the month

Development of the baby

Baby finally opens his/her eyes and with eyesight finally developing, baby can filter the light in the womb and can see a bit. By the end of this month, the little one weighs 750-800 grams and measures 14 ½  to 15 inches from crown to rump (CRL). That is the size of a small brinjal. Growth continues to occur rapidly. The brain is becoming stronger as we speak, with billions of neurons being developed at a fast rate. The baby’s fat is deposited under its skin and is essential to provide the baby warmth within the womb. The little one has its tongue out at times this month. Your baby can now taste the amniotic fluid with the matured taste buds. Reflex actions are much sharper because of the developed neural networks. The baby grasps things (mainly the umbilical cord) within the womb. The baby in few cases takes a head down position to start preparing for delivery.

So, what should you do this week?

  • During this month your baby is more receptive to your moods. So, try to maintain a positive mindset. Any changes in your mood will affect your baby and make it jumpy and anxious as well. Speaking and bonding with your baby help, you and your partner both included.
  • Start speaking to your doctor and find out about preterm labor (any delivery before 37 weeks) and how to prepare yourself to ease your mind of further apprehension.
  • If you haven’t planned a hospital for your delivery, now would the right time to do so!
  • It is vital you plan your finances and recruit help for the coming months and post-delivery. Gather all the emotional and physical support you will need in the coming months.
  • Keep your partner in the loop about even the slightest fear or apprehension you have. Share the happiness of your pregnancy as well.
  • Weight gain of 1 kg or so is acceptable. So, stop fussing about the weight. Keep moving around a bit here and there. You may try prenatal exercises for 7th month.

Continue charting your progress. If you feel any sudden and prolonged pain, bloody/greenish discharge – please contact your doctor.

What should you eat this month?

In this month you should concentrate to get the additional 400 calories or so by consuming healthy choices in your menu. But make sure you have them small portions distributed throughout the day. Extra iron and protein are important during this month and ensure you get them by having beans, poultry, and seeds. Calcium is also crucial this month. Have dairy products like yoghurt, cheese and milk to meet the increased demand. Magnesium is important as it helps in the absorption of calcium and also helps in relaxing muscles. Include almonds, black beans, and barley in your diet. DHA is a fatty acid that helps in the development of baby’s brain. You can have this from milk and eggs. Folic acid is equally important in the diet – so include dark leafy vegetables, strawberries and oranges. Consume more of fiber-rich foods to avoid constipation.

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