Hunger in the Middle of the Night!

Pregnancy and odd-time hunger go hand in hand. You may feel that you are eating often and still feeling hungry at times. It may even wake you up in the middle of the night. It is quite common to have the doubt whether you can go for a little snack in the night. And you may even end up opening your refrigerator and wondering what you can have to satisfy those hunger pangs!

What cause these hunger pangs?

This sudden hunger pang in the night is caused by the increased rate of metabolism. You may not need much – only 300 extra calories a day – to meet the increase in demand for the growing baby.

What can you do about it?

The best way is to eat something healthy. Do keep some, light, quick, healthy snacks handy for these times. Avoid sweets, fats, and spicy foods as snacks. Opt for fresh fruits, crackers with cheese, milk, puffed rice, or some cereal with milk. Do not go back to bed with hunger. This may leave you nauseated or make you feel dizzy in the morning. But, do not overeat, particularly if you have indigestion. It can keep you awake for many other reasons.

Healthy snacks for midnight hunger

  • If you are having a sweet tooth, go for fresh fruit. Or mix a bowl of cereals with skimmed milk and top it up with some fresh fruit pieces.
  • Store some soup for exigency. Warm it up and top with pepper. This will be packed with nutrients and fiber, both of which are beneficial for the growing baby.
  • Keep some multigrain crackers handy as a healthy option. Have it with some cheese topping.
  • Whole-grain, light-sugar variety granola bars are also good alternatives.

Frozen yogurt or curd is a good choice to tide over the hunger in the middle of the night. Both are sources of calcium and protein.

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