Morning sickness – Home Remedies

Morning sickness is very common in pregnancy, at least during the first trimester. About 75% of pregnant women experience both nausea and vomiting, while about 50% experience only vomiting as a symptom.  These symptoms can make you feel exhausted and wear you down during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Our ancestors had practiced several, simple home remedies for controlling nausea and vomiting. Here we are listing some remedies from Southern part of India. They are simple to follow and easy to do. Check it out!

Lime juice:

Mix lime juice with warm water and have it three times a day.  The tangy and refreshing taste of lime helps to keep nausea under control. Moreover, It also provides many minerals and vitamins essential for the growth of the fetus. But, ensure to keep it under moderation.


Made of puffed rice, this porridge is ideal for controlling nausea. Known as ‘aval pori kanji’, this porridge can be made by adding puffed rice to boiling water. Keep the container closed for some time to make the rice soft. You may also add sugar and milk, if you like. Easy on your tummy, this porridge helps to keep your stomach full and prevents the reflex for nausea and vomiting.

Jeera Kashayam:

Needless to say, cumin seed is an ideal remedy for many a tummy troubles! To make Jeera kasahayam, dry roast 1tbsp of jeera in a skillet. When the aroma of roasted cumin starts floating, add 2 cups of water and a small piece of jaggery (palm jaggery, if possible). Simmer till the water reduces to half a cup. Drink the kashayam when it is warm and the flavor is sure to give you relief from morning sickness. Grandmother’s advice to have this twice a day – once in the morning in empty stomach and once in the evening. In Tamilnadu and some parts of Kerala, this kashayam is usually taken with ‘Dhanwantaram’ pills (an ayurvedic pill) for a good digestion.

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