Birth Partner – How Having One Makes A World Of A Difference During Labor

Through these 9 months, you may have mentally prepared yourself for your labor. Even though you are “prepared” for the D-day, we still recommend you have a birth partner in order to make the birth of your little one even more memorable.

So, who is a birth partner?

A birth partner is one who stands by you through your labor, thus enabling you to have a seamless delivery. Your birth partner can be anyone from your spouse, mother, sister, friend, midwife or so on. Most women choose a person with whom they have a strong bond and wish to share this significant moment with.

What are the roles of a birth partner?

The main role of your birth partner is to help you have a smooth delivery. The other important roles also include:

  • Provide emotional support
  • Give practical advice to the mother while birthing
  • Be mentally and physically alert and capable
  • Listen to the instructions (if any) given by the doctor/healthcare provider

What are the benefits of having a birth partner?

As you prepare yourself for the birth of your little one in the OT, you will have numerous thoughts running through your head. Having a birth partner assists in putting your mind at ease during this nerve-wracking situation. The main benefits of a birth partner include:

  • Shares a bond during the birth of your little one
  • Provides you with the emotional support
  • Provides you with practical support
  • Is there for your always – pre, post and during delivery
  • Be your advocate and speak for you when needed

Who should you choose as a birthing partner?

Well, this is a personal choice. It purely depends on who you feel is most right and qualified for the situation. Be it your spouse, family or a trained midwife. We suggest you speak to the doctor well in advance about your preferences and choice of birth partner.

How does a birth partner provide the right emotional support?

The first and foremost thing that your birth partner should be aware of is the importance and role of his/her duty. It is not for the faint-hearted. A lot of emotions may be expressed by the mother while delivering – so they need to be mentally prepared for as well.


How does a birth partner provide the right practical support?

Well, some women take prenatal classes with their spouses and during that they prepare the expectant fathers for being an ideal birth partner. Apart from that if you do choose your mother, sister or anyone trained; they will also have an idea of the roles they will have to do when you go into labor. Few of them include:

  • Giving massages
  • Adopting breathing techniques with you
  • Comforting you
  • Holding your hand/in position when needed
  • ┬áListen to the instructions given by your doctor/healthcare provider

How can your birth partner be your advocate?

There is no denying that during birthing your mind would be focused on getting your baby out ASAP! And at times you may feel pain or discomfort. Your birth partner helps in speaking to your doctor and find out the best solution for you. Also, if in case of an emergency, like a emergency C-section, they will help you discern what is right for you and your baby’s health.






Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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