First Trimester Blues

Congratulations! Since you’re reading this article I am guessing you are a new mom to be or you have someone in the family who is following the maternal path.

So how are/is you/she feeling?

Knowing what most moms’ answer, I am assuming the answer is fatigued, pretty exhausted, have terrible mood swings, tender annoying breasts, experience occasional bouts of flatulence and not to mention nauseous. In this article, we will speak more on two major issues, i.e., the energy drain that you feel and nausea!


Pregnancy is not exactly a cake-walk. You have a new life literally “growing” inside you. This life-giving process involves a lot of energy—your energy. So try not to multi-task and listen to what your body is secretly telling you. That means:

  • Reducing housework, cooking, errands, etc., hire help or take the support of your husband and family— you need the extra hands.
  • If you’re a working woman, make sleep your priority! Napping on the weekends and after you get home from work would help.
  • Also working at home or reducing work is an alternative.
  • Ease those feet by putting them up as much as possible.
  • Most importantly have a well-balanced diet.

The next dreaded thing to worry about is NAUSEA – Morning sickness, also called as nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) is most commonly experienced in the first trimester and in many women, it lasts all day. It may vary. You may never throw up or occasionally (or continually) you may feel like you’re seasick. In some cases, as soon as your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning – you throw up! Worry not! This is completely normal.


Your main focus should now be building a home that can nourish and protect that little one for the next nine months— scientifically speaking, the placenta. You do that by taking care of yourself and providing proper nourishment by your diet!


By now I am guessing that the whole neighborhood must have given you a list of do’s and don’ts. Not to forget your family and extended one included! Every advice though said with the most earnest of intentions; need to be filtered through you. So try not to get anxious and fret. Enjoy motherhood! Enjoy the bliss and the pampering that follows in the coming 9 months!

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