Your Body – Week 18

Have an increased appetite or a sudden craving? Well, this is perfectly what you should expect this week!

So, what else do you notice this week?

  • You become more interested in shopping for baby clothes and miraculously you keep seeing babies everywhere. Along with it comes the apprehension mixed with excitement on how you will be as a mother. Such feelings are perfectly normal. Talking helps. Especially to your partner, close family members or friends.
  • Colostrum if not formed in the previous weeks, may be seen now
  • Walking (mild to moderate exercise) and proper diet should be strictly followed to manage your weight and to maintain your health. If you haven’t been doing this in the previous weeks. High time you started.
  • Your skin, hair, and nails look amazing as seen in the previous week! Enjoy it.
  • The hormone “relaxin” is released which continues relaxing your ligaments and may cause a backache. You may also experience heartburn.
  • Second-trimester symptoms are in full swing. Some women are lucky to feel it to a lesser extent. In some women, bleeding gums may be seen due to the hormonal changes.

Keep charting your progress. You may start noticing stretch marks. A good moisturizer with Vitamin E may help. If not speak to your gynecologist /doctor and find an alternative cream that will help you lighten the stretch marks.


Rest in the coming days is very important for your mental and physical wellbeing. This further helps your baby grow in a healthy manner. Now that your baby can listen to you, try speaking and bonding with the little one!

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