Your Body — Week 19

Welcome to week 19. You now start noticing that your tummy keeps growing and now reaches your belly button. If you haven’t started feeling uncomfortable with your growing tummy, you may start noticing it now on.

So, what else do you notice this week?

  • The second trimester is the best time for expectant mothers. During this period, the first trimester symptoms subside, and you start enjoying the pregnancy. Apart from planning on making changes for your baby, you also start picking out names.
  • Your growing baby causes a bit of discomfort now. An occasional pain is fine, but if it persists, do consult your doctor. A lot of mothers feel more tired and nap around. Your growing tummy causes a hindrance to sleep. Hence, sleeping on your sides or investing in a body pillow will be a good choice.
  • Loose clothes are your best friend now.
  • Leg cramps (more frequent at night), fatigue and dizziness are So, keep yourself rested.
  • Second-trimester symptoms are seen. Weight gain to around 3-4 kgs is permissible (if twins, a kg or two is allowed)
  • In this week, the ‘mask of pregnancy’ or chloasma (dark patches) appears around the face.
  • Continue using a good moisturizer with Vitamin E or cocoa butter to lighten the stretch marks.


It is essential that you continue charting your progress. Your partner should also now start taking an active role in your pregnancy. Talk and communicate with each other. Plan walks and activities together. We cannot stress the importance of a good diet and moderate exercise! It is vital that you keep your body and mind healthy. Eat right and stay hydrated.

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