Your Body – Week 20

You have finally reached the 5th month of your pregnancy (4.5 to be exact if you take the exact date from conception). Congratulations! You made it so far and you have another 4 more months to go.

So, what do you notice this week?

  • This week apart from the usual second-trimester symptoms, you may see some vaginal discharge.
  • Your belly button starts protruding out by now. You may also see some dilated veins around your abdomen, which is perfectly fine.
  • You may experience sleep disturbances and insomnia. So, trying to keep your mind rested before you sleep and listening to soothing music may help you. Also, having a body pillow may help in easing the discomfort. You can also ask your partner to give you a back rub.
  • You may feel itchy especially around your breasts and belly. Your stretch marks become more visible (90% of pregnant women have stretch marks). Proper care from the start may lighten it post-delivery.
  • Follow a diet consisting of foods rich in iron (necessary for hemoglobin production for your baby) as it lowers the mothers’ chances of developing anemia.
  • Stay hydrated and continue with the light exercises. If you are feeling paranoid about the months to come, try some meditation to calm your mind.
  • You may feel tired and light-headed so rest and in-between napping may prove beneficial.


Continue charting your progress. If you have a constant headache, heart palpitations, upper abdominal pain (might indicate pre-eclampsia), severe itching without any skin rash (seen obstetric cholestasis) please contact your doctor. It may be a chance occurrence, but no harm in getting it checked.

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