Your Body – Week 7

By now, you know you are pregnant, some women get to know by this week that they are pregnant.

Still, on the outside, there are no signs of pregnancy, but you start noticing the signs. You might haven’t gained few kilos while some may have even lost a few, due to morning sickness (it is completely normal! Just get yourself checked regularly by your doctor).

You may feel uncomfortable in your clothes! You take ages to wear your pants and your bra feels a little tight as your breasts grow (can be a pain I know!)

Common symptoms:

  • darkening of the areolas
  • tender and swollen breasts
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • frequent urination
  • mild pelvic cramping
  • occasional spotting
  • fatigue
  • food aversions and cravings


Suggestions for this week:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes, in which you don’t feel confined. Consider wearing salwars or palazzos and lose cotton kurtas and tops to make your life easy.
  2. Continue with your exercise (low to moderate impact exercises) be it walking, yoga etc.
  3. Try to maintain a positive frame of mind – meditation and soothing music helps.
  4. Also, you will have everyone from your husband’s family and your family sending you rich food (with lots of ghee and dry fruits inside it). Try to refrain yourself from using pregnancy as a free pass to eat as you will. Eat in moderation and it will help you lose the post-pregnancy weight.
  5. Lastly, in conjunction with the previous statement. Eat healthy and at the right time! Don’t stay hungry for long. Take your vitamins and schedule your appointments and if possible chart down your changes separately. This way, you will be able to ask any queries related to you and your baby’s health to your doctor.

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