Winter Care During Pregnancy – Tips & Tricks To Beat The Cold Season!

The chilly nights and the cool breeze blowing – winter is finally here! Winter along with bringing a drop in the temperature increases the body’s susceptibility to infections! This is even truer when you are pregnant. So, are you prepared to deal with this chilly climate when pregnant? If no, read ahead!

So, what are things that you should keep in mind about winter-care when pregnant?

Avoid long showers: Even if it is a hot bath! Hot showers, even though may seem like a blessing in winters, can damage your skin and cause it to become dry. Keep the water temperature a little above your body temperature to slightly warm and keep it short, to avoid catching a cold after.

Moisturize: This is even more important when pregnant; as the more drier the skin, the more lasting and prominent the stretch marks! Invest in a good moisturizer/cream, rich in Vitamin E, cocoa butter, good ol’ coconut oil etc. This not only helps in keeping your skin supple and hydrated, but it also helps in preventing the itchy feeling caused due to dry skin.

Hand and feet care: It’s our hands and feet that are the most vulnerable to cold. So, apart from preventing dryness and crazing in winter (with a help of a good moisturizer), you should keep them warm!  So, keep your gloves, socks, slippers, etc ready.

Cover up: Your ears, neck, and nose are the next to be attacked by the cold wind. Invest in a good jacket, sweater or shawl and keep yourself warm throughout the day. If the climate of your region is extremely chilly, having a pair of thermals may seem beneficial.

Lip and face care: Your lips tend to dry out and crack. Sometimes, it can even be painful and bleed! So, keep a good lip balm always with you and reapply it every 2-3 hours. When it comes to your face, moisturize it daily and apply a night cream before sleeping (even coconut oil will do).

Drink on: This is one area which is neglected the most in winters, as we don’t feel parched. Stick to having 6-8 glasses spaced out throughout the day, this will keep you hydrated and benefit your body. Also, try having boiled and cooled or warm water.

Eat right: Omega-3 unsaturated fat-rich foods, apart from providing optimum nutrition, helps in hydrating your skin. Consuming foods which are rich in good fat and hi-energy is advised (avocados, dry fruits etc)

Warm food: Having a thermos and casserole to keep food and beverages warm would be suggested.

Regular check-up’s: In winter’s, attending your doctor’s appointment may seem hard. We urge you to fight the laziness and the cold and, meet your doctor! Never miss an appointment.

Sleep-time: It would be best to stay warm and indoors as much as possible. When sleeping, keeping your surroundings clean and warm is a must. Apart from having warm bedclothes and a blanket, having some source of air circulation is beneficial. Though mosquitoes are less encountered in winter, it would still be advised to use a mosquito repellent. Consuming warm milk/hot chocolate before hitting the bed, can make your sleep better.

Going out: Try avoiding going out at nights when it is really chilly or reduce the duration spent out. The last thing you need is to fall sick.

Exercise: As much as you feel lazy and lethargic -exercise a bit! Even if it means walking around your place. Being sedentary for too long is not advisable. Also, when you walk, you increase your basal body temperature, thus enabling you to stay warm.

Christmas and New Years: It is really the season to be jolly! Enjoy the festivities, but do take care of your health while doing so.

These are a few suggestions that we have. Do take of yourself during this season and enjoy the holidays!




Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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