Know How To Interpret A Pregnancy Test Kit? Read Ahead To Know More!

So, you missed your period? You run and buy a pregnancy test kit from your pharmacy nearby and there are numerous pregnancy test kits available in the market, and most commonly, the results are interpreted by analyzing the hCG level in your urine.

So, what should you keep in mind if you want to have an accurate reading?

  1. When to do it? The pregnancy test kit gives 98% accuracy after your missed period, some claim as close to 10 days post conception (some variations may be present depending on the manufacturer).
  2. Timing to do it? The best time to take the test is early in the morning when the level of hCG is the highest.
  3. How to do it? The pregnancy test kit test gives specific instructions on the packaging. We advise you to follow it. In most case, it is advised to use 2-3 drops (dropper provided in the kit) of your midstream urine (halfway through your pee) and read it within 5 minutes to avoid a false positive result.

What do the lines indicate?

  • 1 Line = Not Pregnant

If only 1 coloured line appears in “C” or control line, it is negative and you can assume you are not pregnant. You may consider taking another test a week later if your period still has not come, just to put your mind at ease.

  • 2 Lines = Pregnant

If 2 coloured lines appear, 1 in “T” or testing line and 1 in the “C” or control line, the test is positive and you most probably are pregnant. Even if the lines are light in colour (the conception is fairly recent).



Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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