Your Body – Week 13

This week marks the beginning of your second trimester! You feel replenished and gain back all the energy that you feel you lost in the previous months. A slight bump (due to your growing baby in your womb) may be felt by you despite it still being hidden from the world.

So, what you should know:

  1. Your breasts may start producing colostrum (the nutrient-rich fluid released for the first few days after birth) and this is perfectly normal even though you have months more to go to deliver your little one!
  2. Since you feel less nauseous and fatigued, mild to moderate exercise can be done with more ease. The first trimester symptoms disappear, and you feel invigorated.
  3. In some women, there is an increase in their sex drive.
  4. Round ligament pain is felt. Migraines and headache can also be seen this week.
  5. Nutrition and diet should be regulated as you enter the second trimester. You gynecologist will help you increase your nutrient and supplement intake as the month It is estimated (for normal weight) by theInstitute of Medicine (IOM), that an additional of 240 calories a day during the first trimester, 340 calories a day during the second trimester, and around 450 extra calories a day during the third trimester is needed.
  6. Any peculiar changes that you notice. Do discuss it with family members and your doctor.
  7. High time people knew about your pregnancy. If you haven’t shared the good news around – about time you did! Share the ladoos and the happiness with your near and dear ones.
  8. If you haven’t stopped working, consider doing so. (especially if it is advised by your doctor!) But if you can handle the stress and work-load, more power to you! Just try to get some rest and relaxation in between to give your body and mind a break.

Common symptoms this week:

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