Early Signs Of Miscarriage – Know What Is Normal & What’s Not

So, you have been plagued by the thoughts of having a miscarriage. Well, it would be best to stop thinking about it. In most instances, your thoughts will just get you worried for no reason. But, if your fear is persistent and you do want to put your mind at ease, we have put aside a few signs that you should look out if you are worried that you have an early miscarriage.

So, what is an early miscarriage?

Well, if a pregnant woman has a loss of pregnancy within 12 weeks, that is called an early miscarriage.

Why does early miscarriage occur?

The main reasons for an early miscarriage include:

  • Chromosomal instability: There is an imbalance of either the 23 pairs of chromosomes from the mother, father or both.
  • Hormonal imbalance: In the mother, if there is a low level of progesterone.
  • Uterine problems: If the pregnant woman has a medical condition which physically impairs the growth of a healthy fetus like uterine fibroids, a scar from a previous surgical abortion etc.
  • Medical conditions: Any autoimmune disorders, chronic illness (like diabetes).
  • High fever: that leads to generalized weakness
  • Advanced maternal age: If the expectant mother’s age is >35 years.
  • Miscellaneous causes:
    • trauma, accident
    • excessive drinking &/or smoking
    • recent infections
    • drug usage

So, what are the symptoms of an early miscarriage?

  1. Mild to severe cramps: A little cramping for few seconds is alright. But if the cramping last for a longer duration and pain is noticeable to severe, you should speak to your doctor.
  2. Pain in your back or abdomen: Can be seen along with cramping or alone
  3. The absence of pregnancy symptoms: Early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting etc. will no longer be there.
  4. White-pink mucus: If you see a whitish pink discharge, it could indicate fresh bleeding.
  5. Passing tissue or clot-like material: This could be the loss of the entire pregnancy
  6. Intuition: The feeling that “something is not right”.

So, what happens during an early miscarriage?

In some instances, an early miscarriage goes completely unnoticed as bleeding usually is delayed by a few days or round about the same time as a normally expected period. The only difference being in some women is that:

  • the bleeding would be heavier/longer by a few days
  • the cramping would be more

Can you avoid an early miscarriage and should you be worried if it happens?

Well, it is said that 30-40% miscarriages are before week 12 and unfortunately nothing can be done to prevent. Just like conception, it is an act of nature that cannot be controlled/altered by us.

Most cases, there is nothing to worry as the bleeding and cramping would be like a heavier period. The only concern arises when the bleeding is excessive and lasts for days together.

It should be also noted that even if it is an early miscarriage, it can be emotionally scarring for some, be kind to yourself and if people around you are unable to relate, make them understand and get the right moral support that you need.

We would also advise you to speak to your doctor and decide when would be the best time to again start planning on having a baby. As you may need some time to physically & emotionally be ready.





Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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