Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Pregnant With Some Twosome & Awesome Options!

Love is in the air! And what a more apt way to celebrate the day of love by sharing it with the growing creation of your love aka, your unborn child. We at Savika have included two ways to celebrate this valentine’s day:

  • Twosome Ways: Just you two as a couple, recreating & living the magic of your union
  • Awesome Ways: With close family & friends, celebrating your journey as a unit in a close-knit and loved group

So, what are the twosome ways to celebrate valentine’s day?

  • Book the whole day for activities that you both love: As a couple, today things that you’ll both enjoy and plan the whole day to be filled with love and laughter.
  • Recreate the best date night of your past: Pretty much self-explanatory
  • SplurgeĀ on a spa treatment: Go to a couple’s spa and relax and rejuvenate yourself. After your baby’s born, all these mini-luxuries will be a distant dream. If you want to add more, go to a couples salon, get a mani & pediĀ also.
  • Plan a mid-week getaway: Go to a nearby resort and have an amazing day or two there!

So, what are the awesome ways to celebrate valentine’s day?

  • Have a party to celebrate/reveal your pregnancy: If you have not mentioned about your pregnancy to your near and dear ones, then what best to reveal the news than valentine’s day! Also, if you are pregnant with your first child, celebrating with friends and family this day, makes it filled with love.
  • Go on a mid-week trip with family &/or friends: Book a few rooms in a resort and enjoy away!
  • Have a dinner/movie party: Half of the day you can chill out, just the two of you and in the evening, you can plan a dinner &/or movie night with your family & friends.


So, these are few twosome and awesome ways to celebrate this valentine’s day with the love of your life and the people you love the most. Happy valentine’s day from us at Savika to you and your growing family. Enjoy your day!



Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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