Your Body – Week 15

Now your fully into your pregnancy and have gotten accustomed to the changes that you see. You are aware of your body and the symptoms you feel despite an occasional surprise here and there.

So, what do you notice?

You may experience a stuffy nose also known as “rhinitis of pregnancy”. This is because of the combined effect of your hormonal changes with increased blood flow to your nose membranes.

Apart from your weight gain. The skin around your abdomen, chest and back start to stretch to accommodate the continually growing uterus. So, continue incorporating some exercise to your daily activity with right eating to maintain your weight.

It is most likely that you may freak out a lot in the second trimester. The first just passed away with you getting accustomed to the pregnancy and your body’s reaction to it. It is only during the second trimester, the pregnancy becomes real for a couple, in terms of changing schedules, handling finances and accommodating their lives to the new member of their family. It is a normal reaction; every couple faces it! So, as a couple, face it head on and plan accordingly.

You may continue experience round ligament pain, back pain and tenderness in your breasts (preparation for breastfeeding). It can be easily solved by a soothing massage.

Forgetfulness (also known as “pregnancy brain”) and feeling “out-of-breath” may be common now.

Fingers, hands and feet are slightly swollen due to water retention and progesterone.

Varicose veins (dilated veins on legs) may be seen. Elevation while sleeping or sitting may provide relief.

Dark patches on skin during pregnancy also start being visible.

Keep charting your progress. Make it a point to include your partner also in your daily/weekly changes. Also, visiting your doctor together as a unit may help the couple bond together in their pregnancy.

Common symptoms this week

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