Your Body — Week 16

Welcome to week 16 of your pregnancy. By now things you must have planned out the coming months and talked and discussed how your life will change with your family and your spouse. If you haven’t so far, high time you did. Speaking to other mothers for their experience can be valuable also having women from your own family extending help and guiding you may be an asset. Not to mention they provide the right emotional support.

So, what do you notice this week?

The main change that you see is that the bump is finally visible enough for people to see it if they have missed it in the last week or earlier.

Your breasts start enlarging and a thick yellowish fluid may also leak from this. This is the colostrum and in women, it may happen between the 16th and 17th week and is perfectly normal.

You start feeling heavy and may have a little discomfort which is perfectly normal. Any sharp pain for a significant duration or continuous pain should be immediately reported to your doctor.

The round ligaments now start to thicken and stretch, to support the expanding uterus. If you feel an occasional sharp pull in your abdominal muscles and ligaments, it is perfectly normal. This holds good especially when you make any sudden movements.

Dark patches on skin during pregnancy are seen and using a sunscreen (protection against UV-A and UV-B) is recommended.

Chart your progress. Also, timely visits to your gynecologist is a must. See to it that your doctor knows all the details of what all happened since your last visit.

Common symptoms this week:

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