Your Body – Week 17

Now that you are in your 17th week of your pregnancy your bump gets more visibly evident to the external world. Buying your baby’s wardrobe or designing your baby’s room/making space in your bedroom is what you should be worried about. The sooner you plan, the easier it gets to manage in the coming weeks. That way, you have made room for the little one to stay.

So, what do you notice this week?

Your bump becomes larger and you feel excited about it. Visible veins are also seen on your abdomen. Plans of when to have a baby shower can be discussed with your partner and your family.

Colostrum from your breasts may be formed. (it is generally seen from 16th to 17th week).

You may gain more weight this week (around 2-3 kg weight gain is common at this stage). Walking (or any mild to moderate exercise) and proper diet help in the management of your weight.

Your hair may feel shiny and lustrous another positive body change (glowing skin being the other) which is seen during pregnancy.

Your nails also grow much faster, but in most cases become brittle and flaky.

The symptoms seen in the previous two-three weeks continue (back and abdominal pain, swollen legs, flu-like symptoms, linea nigra, itchiness, headaches, and dizziness to name the major ones). Also, you may experience sciatic nerve pain.

Keep charting your progress. Bleeding or spotting during any stage of pregnancy should be immediately reported to your doctor. If any pale/yellowish discharge (which could be the amniotic fluid) or you have any vision change/blurred vision (can be suggestive diabetes, hypertension or pre-eclampsia) that should also be immediately discussed with your gynecologist.

Common symptoms this week:

  • swollen legs
  • abdominal pain
  • flu-like symptoms
  • itchiness
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • linea nigra


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