Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best time to look most ravishing! You bet! Yes, some women may have opposite effect during the same time with a number of unwanted skin problems, the first being acne. Discolorations and rashes may also be seen as blemishes. Before you reach out to that bottle of skin product let me warn you – there are many commonly used products that may not be safe for use during pregnancy. But do not fret – just a few changes in your grooming is all that is needed to bring that glow back on your skin.


Even when you escaped those little devils during your teenage years, pregnancy may bring it you mostly around the mouth.

  • NO — Products containing benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and salicylic acid should be avoided for controlling this acne.
  • YES — Sulphur-based topical products and products containing glycolic acids can be used for managing pregnancy acne. Try to remove excess oil by using blotting papers during the day and use a foundation that suits oily skin.

Pregnancy mask

Some women get dark skin patches on the face that totally smothers the pregnancy glow. This pigmentation, called as pregnancy mask, is caused by pregnancy hormones and exposure to sunlight. There is no sure shot solution for pregnancy mask, but reducing exposure to sun may help to manage the problem to a certain extent.

  • NO – skin lightening creams, as there is no proof for their safety during pregnancy
  • YES – topical vitamin C products and products containing azelaic acid may be used to control dark patches. You may also opt for a pigmented

Stretch marks

These are the multi-colored marks that are found crisscrossing the abdomen. Studies show that stretch marks are hereditary and are difficult to prevent them using skin care products. You may try glycolic acid creams or products containing green tea to control these marks.


Some women may end up having rashes and severe itches during pregnancy, mostly due to hormonal changes and stretching of the skin. It is more commonly seen during the third trimester. These skin changes are often found near the belly button but may extend to thighs and buttocks too.

NO – do not use any harsh chemicals to control the itches or rashes.

YES – calamine or moisturizer would be enough to control the condition. Severe itches should be brought to the attention of the doctor as it may be a sign of a pregnancy complication called cholestasis.

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