Your Body – Week 25

You’re almost at the end of your second trimester. If you haven’t planned your baby shower, babymoon or worse – you haven’t done any changes in your home for your baby’s arrival, high time you did now!

So, what do you notice this week?

  • During the 25th week of pregnancy, your baby is more receptive to your moods. So, try to maintain a positive mindset. Any changes in your mood will affect your baby and make it jumpy and anxious as well. Speaking and bonding with your baby help, you and your partner both included.
  • Start speaking to your doctor and find out about preterm labor (any delivery before 37 weeks) and how to prepare yourself to ease your mind of further apprehension.
  • Stay hydrated and well nourished. Make sure your diet contains lots of nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, and supplements.
  • You may notice Montgomery’s Tubercles.
  • Braxton- Hicks contractions “practice contraction” and sciatica is seen this week as well.
  • This week you may face “hemorrhoids” due to the swollen anal veins. Varicose veins are also present this week
  • You may experience flatulence and heat burn. Speak to your doctor, if the discomfort is unbearable.
  • This week is closer to the end of the second Make most of it. Also, it is vital you plan your finances and recruit help for the coming months and post-delivery. Gather all the emotional and physical support you will need in the coming months. And as we keep on saying, keep charting your progress.


Common symptoms this week:

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