Make your home baby-safe

You are in your second trimester and thinking about baby-proofing your home may seem to be too far-fetched! Trust me, babies can become mobile within a flash of your eyelashes and even before you realize they may swim or crawl to open cabinets, kitchen or any other place that you don’t want them to! With the little one around you will have enough, so plan it ahead and this is the right time to do!

Here is what you can plan now:

  • Have separate cabinets for medicines and cleaning products to keep them securely locked
  • Plan a thorough clean-up of the dirt hot-spots in the house before you bring the baby home. Store enough sanitizing wipes for cleaning these areas whenever needed.
  • You may need extra space for things like, say, a bottle warmer, baby formulas, baby spoons, or a baby bowl in your kitchen. Clear up a specific place to keep them together – needless to say, out of reach of your little monster.
  • If you are working and plan to have a baby monitor, opt for a cordless monitor. Do enough research before getting one.
  • Plan a space for baby toys – a small open box without a lid would be safe – easy to declutter anytime you need.
  • Got stairs inside the house? A baby gate is a good option to keep the stairs off the baby route.
  • Keep electrical gadgets and appliances in a secure place, and put safety plugs on unused outlets.
  • Check out for unsafe areas in the house and put gates, locks or covers on for safety.
  • Plan edge guards for furniture and cut off the cords from drapes or blinds.

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