Development – Week 33

Week 33 –  Immune system starts building faster!

Your little one is almost all grown up now! Imagine from a group of cells, your baby has become a moving and living life form- how miraculous birth is! This week, the baby weighs 1800 to 2000 grams and is the size of a pineapple.

So, let’s summarize the main events that you will see in this week:

The baby’s immune system is developing quite fast. The antibodies from your body go to help your new-born fight infection since the time of birth.

The fat is deposited more, the skin becomes fully opaque making the internal organs little harder to see.

The baby’s fetal skeleton is hardening slowly. It is important to know that bones in his skull do not fuse. This makes it easier for the baby’s head in passing through the birth canal.

The baby now assumes a head down or a breech position – to facilitate delivery.

The digestive system, lungs, brain and nervous systems have almost completed their development. The liver starts storing iron by now.

The amniotic fluid volume as last week is around 1.5 to 2 liters and this along with the functioning kidneys help in excretion of the waste products in the urine.

Developmental Milestones Summary:

The baby’s organs and system are almost fully developed. The immune system is in full swing.

 Ultrasound findings:

The little one is all grown up with a well-developed body. The skin doesn’t have any creases. By now the baby assumes a head down pose.

Fetal Size:

The baby now measures 17 ½ inches from crown to rump (CRL).

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