Your Body- Week 33

How do you feel now? Take a deep breath and relax! You must be overjoyed on knowing that in barely a month you will get to see your little one. You need to start stocking up your home for all the essentials that you will be needing post-delivery.

So, what should you do this week?

  •  Your metabolic rate is through the roof and because of this you feel “hot flashes”, try to fan yourself and keep yourself cool. Wear loose cotton clothes, it helps.
  • Hormone fluctuations in your body lead to headaches. Also stress along with dehydration cause headaches as well (hence drink plenty of water).
  • Pregnancy brain or “baby brain” makes you forgetful. You may also feel anxious and worried at times. You feel fatigue at times. Rest whenever possible.
  • Carpel-tunnel syndrome, fatigue, back pain and itchiness are all seen. All in all, your 33 week of pregnancy causes you some discomfort. Not to mention that your growing belly makes you hit and bump into everything.
  • Keep a track of your contractions and any lower back pain. These are indicative of preterm labor.  Your baby, if born in the 33rd week, has a 98% chance of survival. So, fret not.
  • Continue taking calcium supplements as your baby’s bones keep forming, your body calcium resources get utilized. Also, take folic acid and iron supplements as recommended.
  • Be sure that you prepare for post-delivery as well. You need to provide adequate nourishment to your body as well and get it back to your pre-pregnancy state. Consult your doctor and stock up on all that you will require after the birth of your baby.


The pregnancy is almost coming to its tail end. It was a long and pleasurable journey! We are glad that we could experience it with you.

Common symptoms this week:

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