Your Body – Week 40

Delivered? If yes congratulations – your baby is finally in your arms now! Your 9 months of hard labor has come to fruition and being the mother of your little one makes it worth it even more! If you haven’t delivered by now, you may be ‘post-term’. There is nothing to be worried about, your doctor will explain everything and provide you with all the options to induce your labor if needed.

So, what do you feel this week?

  • You will know that you are about to deliver as your “bump drops”. This indicates that your baby is anxiously waiting to be born! Also, you will have a lot of contractions as well (more than 5 per hour).
  • At first,  seeing your baby covered with blood and tissue residue must have you freaked out. Delivery is messy! But once you get over the shock of it all, and they place your baby in your arms-you experience a sense of joy and accomplishment.
  • The little one’s liver has already fueled enough starch to start glucose production after birth. The fluid stored in the body plays a role in providing nourishment on the first day. Then the breast milk is released by the mother’s body which is the main source of the baby’s nourishment. The colostrum also helps in providing immunity for the baby after birth.
  • The baby’s skull bones appear to be fused at/immediately after birth. This is normal. The baby’s skull bones aren’t fused and grow for years to accommodate the growing brain. Certain areas, known as the “fontanelles”, help in delivery (back fontanelle hardens around 3-4 months after birth and the front fontanelle hardens around 8 to 15 months after birth)
  • Stem cell preservation of the baby’s umbilical cord can be also considered. The procedure, the cost, and the details can be discussed with your gynecologist/doctor.
  • If you haven’t delivered by now, your gynecologist/doctor can assess the level of engagement, to decide if your labor must be induced.

Congratulations on being parents! Your life has changed for the good. We wish you and your partner all the happiness as you embark on the journey.

Common symptoms this week:

  • Contractions
  • Leg cramps
  • Sleep issues
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety

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