Tips to prepare yourself for a natural birth

Despite C-section becoming common these days, there is no denying that normal delivery connects the mother and the child intimately during the birthing experience. This is more so if minimal anesthetics are used.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to have a normal delivery.

Keep moving

Exercise! No excuses made unless your doctor advises you to do so. By staying active you help in developing your body musculature and your pelvic muscles. Doing so helps in strengthening your pelvic and thigh muscles to resist labor pains. And do not forget you need stamina during delivery.Keep in mind any exercise should be done only after discussing with your doctor, and it is highly recommended that you do it under the watchful eye of a trained professional.

Pranayama/Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises or Pranayama helps too. Not only does it help you focus more and make your energy levels soar, it helps in increasing the oxygen level in your blood – that way beneficial to both you and your growing baby.

A nutritious diet

Diet is without a doubt essential for you to stay healthy in conjunction with exercise. If you are fit, you can choose a normal delivery over a C-section without any apprehension. The healthier you are, the more your chances of giving a natural birth comfortably. Also, stay hydrated and take your vegetables and supplements regularly.

Relax and stress less

As everyone keeps on emphasizing- stress less! Walk, read, practice yoga, listen to soothing music – all these help a lot. Also, surround yourself with positive people. Avoid any sort of negativity or stress.

A reliable and competent doctor

There is no denying that you and your doctor will form a close bond during the nine months to come. Your OBG/GYN who is pro normal-delivery will prove an asset as they will support you throughout the way.

Maintain a positive frame of mind

Pregnancy is no cake walk! Some women have a painful delivery. Listening to such stories may make you change your mind on natural birth. Stick to your choice of a natural delivery, if you chose so. It’s not like cesarean was commonly practiced commonly in olden days. If our mothers and our grandmothers could do it- so can we!

Gather your support

Your husband, your parents, and siblings will be your biggest support. You may also have a closely-knit circle of friends who can offer you the emotional support and advice that you need.

Value your sleep-time

You need a minimum of 8-10 hours of quality sleep. The coming 9 months will make you tired and fatigued. Not to mention, the demand of the growing body will add additional strain to your body- so rest away!

Perineal massages

After crossing your 7th month, doing regular perineal massage will help ease your labor and the whole childbirth process. This also helps in reducing the pain of your joints and muscles in addition to controlling your stress. All this helps in an easy and normal delivery.

Lastly, read and be aware of your body and your intuition. Your maternal instincts will guide you in choosing what is best for you and your baby.

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