Pack your Delivery Bag

It is finally time for you to deliver! As you are heading to the hospital there are certain must-have things you should carry in your bag. To make it easy for you we have segregated the essentials separately for the mommy and the little one!

Must-have for Moms:

  • Change of clothes: Comfortable and loose clothes to wear in the hospital (though the hospital gives gowns, still no harm in carrying a couple) and a pair to go home in post-delivery.
  • Nursing bras: These will be the new best friend for your breasts. Once you start nursing, it helps in reducing the soreness.
  • Maxi pads: The hospital will provide you on the first day or two. Then on, you are asked to buy your own.
  • Essentials/toiletries: Your toothbrush, toothpaste, face-wash, soap, body lotions, moisturizers etc, must be carried.
  • Underwear: A size larger may be useful – they offer you comfort post-delivery and gives room to the maxi-pad.
  • Socks: Few pairs of socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Hair accessories: Clips/scrunchies/bands/hairbands – to get the hair off your face. Trust us, you will need it.
  • Glasses/contact and your lens solution.
  • Chappals/Slippers: Will be useful in using the bathroom.
  • Hair Dryer: if in case you want to dry your wet hair, to prevent catching a cold.


  1. Cash
  2. A good book to keep you company
  3. Hospital access cards and passes of you, your spouse and accompanying family
  4. Breast pump- to ask your doctor on how to use it
  5. Mobile and its charger
  6. Camera/Recorders – to capture this moment (not to forget the charger!)
  7. MP3 player and headphones if you really need to calm your nerves.
  8. Some nuts/snacks/biscuits to snack on.
  9. Drinking water
  10. Nursing pillow and a diaper bag.

For the baby:

  • Baby Wipes
  • Blanket: To carry the munchkin in
  • Clothes: Onesies/warm clothes to make the baby wear in the hospital.
  • Caps/Woollen booties and mittens – to keep the little one warm and to prevent him/her from scratching his/her face
  • Soft towel
  • Diapers/ Cloth nappies– Carry a couple.
  • Mosquito net
  • Rash cream and baby powder – Not a must, we leave the choice up to you
  • Bed protecting mats
  • A baby crib/carrier –.Again optional!

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