Postures and their management

Now that you are pregnant, every tiny detail about what you do and eat is observed under everyone’s watchful eye, not to mention you also get careful about the slightest things you do. Things like bending make you think twice about how it may affect your baby’s health. In this article, we see how you must manage your posture in the coming 9 months.

As you go about your daily activities, your daily posture from morning to evening should be maintained as such that it

  1. Doesn’t cause you discomfort
  2. Does not add any strain to your back or the muscles of your abdomen


So, what are the different postures that you see during the day and how to regulate it during your pregnancy:

Walking posture: Walking slowly/brisk walking helps in maintaining your balance. Walking with comfortable footwear and on the even surface is a must. Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or walking on the uneven ground increases your chances of muscle fatigue and falling/tripping.

Sitting posture: While sitting it is vital that you have back support and the chair must have a wide base to support your behind. Cushions and pillows may offer extra comfort, which is a plus.

Standing posture: Standing for prolonged periods should be avoided. Standing straight with your head, neck and spine in alignment are advisable.

Sleeping posture: Sleeping on your side or your back in the coming months would be your best bet. You can sleep on your stomach but for brief moments as many advise against it and not to mention, it may make you uncomfortable.

Driving posture: When sitting in the driver’s seat, see that your seat-belt is safely fastened without being a hindrance to your belly and that your back is straight and unstrained. The same should be followed if you are in the passenger seat.

Exercise posture: Mild/light exercises should be done. Based on the exercise you adopt, it is vital that you follow the proper postures and we strongly recommend it be done under trained supervision.

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