Partner’s Role during your pregnancy!

Nowadays, it’s quite endearing to see that the husband is equally invested in the wife’s pregnancy. Given the ease of access to information and help, men choose to stick around these crucial months 9 months. We have enlisted few roles that the husband should comply in doing at such times. They include:

  1. Be there for you! Pregnancy is a big deal. As much as you have planned your pregnancy, there is no denying that it is a huge decision and a life-altering experience. Make your husband realize that you need his support. If he is unable to do so, sit him down and talk to him.
  2. Attend birthing classes with you. If you consider taking prenatal birthing classes, it is vital that he makes time for you and the baby by showing up for each session.
  3. Be gentle about your mood swings. Pregnancy does bring out the worst in even the gentlest of souls.
  4. Plan out your future. This should start from the time of deciding to start a family, as your life will change overnight after the birth of your little one. So, plan wisely together as a couple.
  5. Chart your progress and actively talk about the various milestones that you will have reach on a weekly basis. Also, he should see that you take your supplements on time.
  6. Offer emotional and physical support. The latter can be outsourced (time to bring home your family support).
  7. See to it that you are physically active. Even better if he goes for a walk (or swim etc.) with you.
  8. Help you plan your baby’s room (or how to modify your room) right from choosing the color to getting the furniture.
  9. See to it that any decisions that are made are done by the both of you as a unit. Your family may influence your decision but you two call the shots on how you start your family.

Having a child is a cherished experience, one that affects the father as much as the mother. So, as a couple, you need to make your husband/partner realize his role and help him be there you in the best way possible.





Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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