Can Music Be Beneficial During Pregnancy?

We all know that certain types of music have a soothing effect on us.  It helps to de-stress, relax and elevates one’s mood. Also, in the current scenario, music therapy is used to treat certain medical conditions. In a culturally rich country like India, it is long believed that Kalyani Raga (Rag Yaman in Hindustani) is beneficial for pregnant women.

But can music positively influence your unborn baby?

Though there is no scientific backing, most researchers believe that music can have a calming effect on the baby. Various studies conducted on pregnant women has shown that babies who were exposed to music while inside the womb showed a remarkable improvement in their cognizant, sensory, emotional, behavioral and psychological development as compared to those who were not exposed to music.

Listening to music not only soothes you, but also helps de-stresses your unborn baby. It also creates a prenatal stimulation that helps you bond with your unborn baby. A baby in the womb might not understand music but can sense the vibrations which improve its reflexes and overall movement.

Music is also said to improve the baby’s auditory senses and concentration, resulting in a better mental simulation. Some researchers believe that babies can recognize music heard in the womb. So, it is highly likely that the same music might soothe your baby after it is born too.

Some also claim that babies exposed to soothing music while inside the womb may develop a calm personality and those that are exposed to loud and jarring music will have an aggressive and anxious nature, though it is not proven.

So get your earphones, reduce the volume and listen to this beautiful Kalyan-Yaman jugalbandi by Ustad Bismillah Khan and Dr. N. Rajam –


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