Dizziness During Pregnancy


In the good old days, a woman fainting was considered as a sign of pregnancy, well before she would miss her periods. Yes, Bollywood has had a tad bit of influence on us! So feeling faint or dizzy is very common in pregnancy. Be sure to not worry about it, but at the same time do not ignore it.

So, what should YOU do?

Slow down there dear- There are rising hormones in your blood circulation leading to widening of your blood vessels and hence pooling of blood in the lower half of your body. Now when you stand up fast, the blood is not pumped fast enough back to your heart and brain, leaving you dizzy.

So go easy, get back to your seat and try getting up again, slowly this time.

No lying on your back. Your baby puts pressure, unknowingly, of course, it’s just making some room for himself, on the large veins slowing down your circulation.

So, lie on your side, and keep a pillow below your hip to support your back and prevent pressure on your blood vessels.

Eat and drink regularly – very important to avoid low sugar levels and dehydrating yourself. Eat small but regular meals and keep reminders to hydrate yourself.

Also, if you have anemia, make sure you consume iron-rich diets and iron supplements by consulting your doctor.

Avoid stress – Of any kind! That and feeling anxious about your pregnancy. You and your loved ones can sail smoothly through this pregnancy.

If you feel anxious and hyperventilate, remember to seat yourself and breathe in a bag and calm yourself down. If its frequency increases do discuss it with your doctor.

Don’t wear layers or treat yourself to a spa day or a long hot bath. Overheating further increases the diameter of the already dilated blood vessels leading to further reduction in blood pressure.

Take warm showers; avoid stuffy rooms and big crowds

When do you contact your doctor?

If these fainting episodes are increasing in frequencies and/or are accompanied by

  • vaginal bleeding
  • cramps in the abdomen
  • severe headaches
  • blurred vision
  • palpitations


Pay attention to your body and enjoy your pregnancy. You know what is best for you! Take care of yourself and always remember to keep smiling.







Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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