Second trimester- What to expect (Part I)

Hello ladies! All that nausea, morning sickness, emotions of your first trimester even out now. Welcome to the second-trimester a.k.a. “The honeymoon phase”. The time between 13 weeks -27 weeks is this time and you must make the maximum of this. So let’s get you prepped up for it.

First things’ first-your Doctor’s appointment.

  • Your weight and blood pressure are measured to keep a track of them. Your doctor will ask you to get a blood test done for sugar levels, to ensure that you don’t have gestational diabetes.
  • Also, genetic testing and amniocentesis are done to rule out any chromosomal abnormalities/birth defect or any inherited diseases being passed to your baby.
  • You will be seeing your baby on your ultrasound a little more clearly!
  • Also arrange for a consultation with your Dentist, as women complain of loose teeth and swollen gums during pregnancy due to rise in circulating hormones. So don’t neglect your oral health.

So pregnancy, as you have come to know, is not all about the glow and the belly rubs(that have now definitely increased, by anyone and everyone!). But first let’s look at the brighter side during this second trimester:

  • Say goodbye to dull hair or hair fall. You are going to have healthy hair that you’ve always wanted.
  • The proverbial “glow”.
  • A newly ample bosom, oh yes, your body is making and storing food for your baby. Invest in a bigger, comfortable bra to support your breasts during this time and say hello to comfortable maternity clothes.
  • You have good nails and they grow at a great rate. So treat yourself to a manicure now and then.
  • Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you’ll start to feel your baby move. How exciting! Also, baby bonding time, start talking to your baby bump, it can hear you!
  • Your sex drive is back! Let’s plan a “babymoon” soon after getting a thumbs up by your doctor.
  • Plan your maternity leave and the nesting urge is kicking in. Enjoy planning but don’t exhaust yourself.





Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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