Miscarriage – Diagnosis and Treatment


Diagnosis of a miscarriage is done by your gynecologist/doctor based on the findings of your physical examinations and the advanced tests done. The routine tests to be done are as follows:

  •  A pelvic examination ( checks if the cervix has begun to dilate/ thinned out)
  • An ultrasound test ( checks the fetal heartbeat and development)
    • A blood test is done for:
    • HCG (qualitative) – to confirm pregnancy
    • HCG (quantitative) – weekly done to see the status of your pregnancy blood lossWhite blood count (WBC) – to rule out any uterine infections

What can you do to prevent the occurrence of miscarriage

1. Quit Smoking: Both active and passive smoking affect the baby’s and mother’s health.

2. Have proper supplements: Prenatal vitamin or folic acid supplement ( Taking 600 mg of folic acid each day reduces the chances of miscarriages along with birth defects).

3. Timely visits and immunizations:  Follow your appointments and give a proper medical history ( women with epilepsy, thyroid disease, and lupus have an increased chance of miscarriage).

Also, taking your immunization seriously reduces the chances of any medical conditions, further decreasing the chance of a miscarriage.

4. No alcohol or caffeine: Consuming any form of alcohol should be stopped during your pregnancy and curb your coffee craving (200mg per day can be allowed, that is equivalent to two cups).

5. Stress less: Try reading a good book, meditating, deep breathing, yoga, or gardening. Going for a walk with your partner also helps. If you have a creative side, write or paint if it helps you de-stress.

6. Move Around: Do light exercises daily ( as per what your doctor suggests) and try to avoid being sedentary whenever possible.

7. Watch your weight: Obesity increases the chances of gestational diabetes, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and premature birth.

8. Be naughty under the sheets safely: Practice safe sex to avoid any infections or STD’s.

9. Eat right: Eat healthily. Make smart eating choices on what you are eating. Eat fresh and organic produce. Avoid raw meat and vegetables (causes diseases like toxoplasmosis and listeria) and processed food.

10. Say no to drugs: Illicit drugs of any kind should not be taken – Pregnancy or otherwise.


Some natural ingredients that prevent miscarriage:

    1. Amla or Indian Gooseberry ( have it plain or with honey)
    2. Black Haw – Apart from helping in menstrual cramps, they prevent early miscarriage ( available as a concentrate,  few drops are sufficient)
    3. False Unicorn Root -prevents miscarriage and also helps the uterus to overcome post-abortion( available as a concentrate,  few drops are sufficient)
    4. Wild Yam – ( available as a concentrate,  few drops are sufficient)

Some make a tincture combing the various ingredients mentioned above. As much as there beliefs are easy to fall for given the vast information online. We advise you to use your common sense while taking/consuming anything. Always speak to your doctor before having any herbal remedies.



Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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