Outside During The Lunar Eclipse – Should You Be Worried?

The month of January in 2018 was quite unique indeed, we had a full moon on January 1st (also known as the wolf moon) and another full moon on January 31st ( a blue moon).

The one on January 31st is not just an ordinary event! It is an astrological feat. It was a trifecta of a blue moon, a supermoon (the closest the moon was to the earth) and a red moon (appearing coppery red during a total lunar eclipse).

Now, the thought of an eclipse, be it lunar or solar causes a lot of turmoil in the minds of some in India. We can fuss around a lot and wonder if all this makes sense or not. But, it is generally advised that pregnant women should not go out during such an event. Few causes being:

  1. Increased chances of miscarriage (totally false, please don’t fall for this saying)
  2. Digestive problems  when you during an eclipse ( again baseless)
  3. Damage your eyes ( pregnant or not, anyone seeing the sun for a prolonged period may harm their eyes, but not as severe as one may assume)
  4. Disabilities/harm the newborn (hogwash)
  5. A bad omen (old wives tale, just a saying that has been passed on through generations)

Now, if you by chance have been out during this lunar eclipse, worry not. Nothing will happen to you! Calm down. There is no scientific evidence to prove that being out during lunar eclipse harms or causes disfigurement in your baby. Such thoughts will only make you more apprehensive. As much as we should respect what our traditions say, you should understand that such things are just said for the benefit and safety of the mother and her unborn child in the olden days. It is not something that will actually happen and should not be blindly believed in the current day. Rest assured, an eclipse is just a natural phenomenon, just like your pregnancy. Your baby is safe and growing is growing healthily inside your womb.



Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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