Ragas to listen during pregnancy

Music therapy has been in vogue for some time now and there are studies done that prove that soothing music can play a role in healing. In ancient Egypt, music was widely used to aid pregnant women during labor. Lot of thinkers from the past like Pythagorus, Plato, Aristotle and Ibn Sina have written about music therapy and ancient Indian texts too delves into this subject.

Ayurveda maintains all medical disorders stem from 3 doshas, namely Vata, Pitha and kapha. According to sitarist Pandit Shashank Katti; who have been researching and practicing Indian Classical music, each of these doshas correspond to different notes along the seven notes (sapta swaras). So different ragas stimulate different energy systems and thereby can act as a tonic for the sick.

So let us see how music can help during pregnancy;

  • Per the Pancha Panchaka Sidhanta, music connects the mind, body and soul, thereby instilling a sense of calm and peace inside you.
  • An unborn child is connected to the outside world only through the auditory system.
  • Music allows the mother to connect better with the baby.
  • It stimulates the body to release the hormone endorphin.
  • Endorphin relieves pain and helps you relax.
  • This aids in better development of the fetus.
  • So a new born who was exposed to music inside the womb, adjust faster to the new environment.

Experts feel Kalyani  in Carnatic Music and Yaman in Hindustani are 2 ragas that can positively influence fetal growth. Let’s look at some popular compositions in this raga;

  • Nidhi chāla sukhamā, Etavunnārā, Sundari nī Divya, Ammā Rāvammā and Vāsudēvanyani by Tyagarajain Telugu
  • Kamalāmbāṃ bhajarē ,Bhajarē Recita, ShivaKameshwari Chintayeham by Muthuswami Dikshitarin Sanskrit
  • Himādri sutē pāhimaṃ and Talli Ninnu Nēranammi by Syama Sastriin Telugu
  • Pankacha lōcana, Pahimaṃ Śri Vāgīśvari(Navarathri second day krithi), Paripahimamayi, Sarasa Suvadana, Sevesyanandureswara by Swathi Thirunal
  • Nambi Kettavarillavo, kallu sakkare koLLiro by Purandara Dasa

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