Make Every Day Valentine’s Day During Your Pregnancy

 Yesterday was the day of LOVE – Valentine’s day. Love is always in the air and now is growing inside you! We know at times it is hard to stay all chirpy and happy. Your body revolts most of the time, making your pregnancy torturous. You hardly feel like getting up at times, forget celebrating an occasion. So, how can you make a day or two during your pregnancy, seem like Valentine’s Day despite your swollen feet and aching back?

As much as you feel unsexy, you may feel more like a buffalo than a woman. We have listed down some fun things that you can do, even when you are not up to it:

Dress Up:

Make the effort to get all dolled up for yourself! Your partner or loved one will definitely appreciate the effort.

Plan a surprise Dinner:

So what if you’re pregnant, don’t use it as an excuse. Make your partner feel loved by planning something special. If you are advised to stay indoors, call for help (what are friends and family for) and set up a candle-light dinner.

Go to a park:

Go spend some time in nature with your partner. We give you extra points for taking some lovely pictures there as memories.

Spend time with family/friends:

Your pregnancy has made you be in constant touch with your doctor and made you miss an event or two with your family and/or friends. Why not surprise them with a dinner together. Why do you need an occasion or an event for a gathering?

Spend a day in watching a romantic movie and ordering in:

Once you reach home at night,  order-in some good food (food order apps to the rescue) and watch your favorite movie or serial together.

Make a personalized gift:

Showcase your hidden talent (be it painting, stitching, drawing, writing) and make a personalized gift. The more creative the better. If nothing works, even a heartfelt letter to your partner can do wonders.

Make love:

Wear that sexy lingerie that you have been saving up. Spend a night (or day) of love, making love to your love. Do play it safe and stick to positions that are comfortable for you.


Every day gives a new opportunity to celebrate life. So why not make most of your pregnancy and share the love to enrich your life. Do try out few of the suggestions we have mentioned above. Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy!







Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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