9 Ways Couples Can Enjoy The 9 Months Of Pregnancy

So,  your partner and you found out that you are pregnant! We at Savika congratulate you!

Now, let’s see the top ten things that you can do as a couple to etch this memory for time immemorial.

1. Celebrate with your spouse: You may have been planning this pregnancy for weeks now. So when you see those two lines confirming your pregnancy, it calls for a celebration; just the two of you.

2. Document your pregnancy: With the advances in digital media. It is not hard to document your 9 months of pregnancy in the form of videos or photographs. Personalised videos with messages is always a good option. Savika can help you record each and every milestones and memory during this incredible journey.

3. Keep track of the “firsts”:

From your first appointment to your first ultrasound, preserve such memories – be it in the form of taking some cute pictures or saving some collectibles. Writing events of that particular day or making a timeline of events can also be a creative way of reliving these moments in the future.

4. Make a journal for your baby:

Imagine when your baby is a teenager and goes through the cute little journal that mommy and daddy made. Making a journal with written entries, pictures and messages from the family (apart from Mom and Dad) would be an amazing gift for your unborn child.

5. Have a baby shower:

If you choose to wait and find out the gender of your child when he/she is born, then the other memorable thing you can do as a couple is to have a theme-based baby shower.

6. Babymoon:

Celebrate your babymoon at the end of your second or the start of your third trimester. If you are planning on traveling abroad, consult your gynecologist in prior. We also recommend you to hire a good photographer to get some candid pictures of you two all happy and “glowing” in few scenic locations.

7. Baby shopping:

From baby-proofing your house to selecting your baby furniture, not to forget buying those cute little clothes and toys. All this can be made fun, especially for first-time parents.

  • 8. Bump diaries: 

You can keep track of your growing bump. You and your partner can take cute “bump pictures”. Some couple also make a model of their bumps in plaster-of-Paris (something to think about)!

9. Together to deliver:

When you go into labor, through the intense contractions and the pain, partner’s hold on to each other. When you finally get to hear your child’s first cry, no sound could be sweeter. All the pain and hurdles faced so far as a couple all seem worth it, just to hold your little one in your own hands. You have now made the transition from partners to parents. So, savor the moment and capture it in your heart forever. Such moments are precious and should be treasured for a lifetime!





Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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