Stay Stress Free – Avoid The Perils Of Stress During Pregnancy

Stress is an unwanted feeling that is harmful to everyone. Apart from disabling a person from performing their optimum best, it causes damaging effects on the overall health as well.

  1. Disorders in sleep pattern: The baby may develop sleep disorders in the womb of a chronically stressed mother.
  2. Behavioral disorders: The mother’s stress may cause the manifestation of altered behavioral patterns, leading to future issues in the baby.

What can you do about the stress?

  1. Be easy on you: No one said pregnancy is easy! Ask for help whenever needed. Every superwoman needs it.
  2. Love thyself: Your emotions and your body are no longer in your control. Your confidence may take a severe hit during your pregnancy, but hang in there, you will make it through this like a champ!
  3. Walk around: Morning walks and walks in nature are therapeutic. Any form of light walking is good in our eyes.
  4. Meditate:  Best way to beat the stress, is to meditate. If you find it hard to do so, listen to some guided meditation tracks available online, they help.
  5. Find flow: Immerse yourself in a hobby which you love doing, be it painting or writing. Hobbies that you love, make you get into the zone, this makes you focused on the task at hand, it could be as simple a task as adult coloring. You are so engrossed in the flow activity that you have no time to dwell on your stress!
  6. Read a book: A good book is always good company.
  7. Talk to your spouse or family: You are not alone! Communicating and tracking your thoughts and feelings is key to help you stay in the right frame of mind.
  8. Exercise: After consulting your doctor, get active. Be it stretches, swimming, or brisk walking. Sexercise whenever you feel like or when your body allows you to, it beats the stress and gets you closer to your spouse.
  9. Do coupley things: Be it going for walks or planning the decor of your baby’s room. This makes you fight your stress as a team than alone.
  10. Consult a professional: There is no harm in asking help from a professional. If you feel stressed for a longer duration and feel that you are unable to cope up with the stress of day-to-day life, this would be a welcome move. Speaking to a professional offers you insight and a solution to your stress. Seeking professional help doesn’t mean you are weak or that there is something wrong with you. Rather, it shows the strength that you have and that you are willing to face your demons and fight them!


Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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