9 regular things that may cause harm in these 9 months

You may have heard a lot of people telling you what to do and what not to do. Some things are glaringly obvious and you should avoid them at all cost. But few day-to-day things that you normally do also may harm your baby. These include:

  1. Stressing out: It is normal to worry once in a while. If you are normally an anxious person, you may see no harm. But,  the findings of a study said that after the gestational age of 17 weeks, the higher the stress of the mother, the higher is the levels of amniotic fluid in her womb. Another study also says that the more you stress the lower will be your baby’s IQ (almost 10 points less).
  2. Hot showers: Prolonged hot showers (above 38-40 degree Celsius) have been said to cause developmental defects in the growing baby
  3. Cleaning the house: Be careful of the disinfectants that you use. Check the label for any harmful components before opening. Products containing glycol ethers increases the risk of miscarriage.
  4. Food products: Some products are to be avoided at all cost, these include
    • Unpasteurized cheese (causes bacteria to grow)
    • Sea-food with high mercury content (damages the developing brain of the baby)
    • Caffeine (constricts your placenta causing miscarriage, stillbirth or poor growth of the little one)
  5. Self-medicate: Whatever drugs you poped when you were not pregnant, should not be used unless your doctor approves of it.
  6. Using essential oils: Essential oils like citronella,  peppermint, basil, nutmeg, rosemary etc have ranging adverse effect. Most often they may make you nauseous and in some rare cases can also cause uterine contractions, miscarriage or birth defects.
  7. Hitting the gym: If you are a gym enthusiast, after pregnancy, we suggest you continue going only after your doctor consents.
  8. Painting or staying in a freshly painted room: Fresh paint gives out fumes which can prove toxic to a pregnant woman. So avoid painting at all cost and stay in a room which is at least 3-4 days old after painting.
  9. Blindly following others’suggestions: Be it your spouse, your in-laws, practice your own indiscretion during these days. Follow your own routine and tabulate, others can afford to make a mistake and forget, you can’t.


Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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