Show time – Disclosing 9 gory details of delivery!

It can be quite daunting imaging yourself on the delivery day giving birth. Calm your nerves and discuss with other women who have faced the ordeal before you. We at Savika want to make it easier by tabulating few common experiences of women at the delivery table. Read on…

  1. Water-breaking: You may not experience your water-breaking in a dramatic fashion as shown in the movies or see a puddle of water on the floor. You may just feel a trickle of water, the kind when you pee a bit when your bladder is full but cant use the loo. The only difference being it is more continuous.
  2. Excruciating pain: You may feel that the contractions during your pregnancy may prepare you for the pain during labor, but even the strongest of women feel excruciating pain in their lower body (abdomen and back more precisely) while delivery. Do not fret, you can always opt for an epidural if you are worried about the pain.
  3. A crime scene: The delivery room may seem like a crime scene with a lot of blood and tissue. You may see your baby come out of you like a mass of tissue with the placenta which may seem scary at first.
  4. Passing feces: Your anal sphincters¬†may not be at its optimum function during your delivery. And when you hear “push”, you may be even confused by which canal. Even if you do defecate during labor, it is perfectly alright and has happened to many women before you.
  5. Vacuum delivery: If this is deemed necessary by your doctor to ease the delivery process.
  6. Hair today, gone tomorrow: Your lustrous shining hair that you had during your pregnancy (thank estrogen for that) will start shedding post delivery (due to drop of estrogen).
  7. Night sweats and swollen feet: Be prepared for swollen feet that will continue being so until few weeks post pregnancy. You may also have to be prepared for having night sweats which are common just around the time of your delivery and continue for the first few weeks after delivery.
  8. Squirt gun/ bottle: You will be introduced to it just before birth and directed on its use. It is used to keep the perineum (the area around your anus) clean to avoid infection.
  9. Mommy diapers: You may need to prepare yourself well in hand for all those “maxi pads” from the time your water breaks, till your bleeding post-delivery is under control.

These are a few of the common details women wish they knew before-hand to be prepared. If there are few more that you like to share with Savika, please leave a comment below.



Dr. Aishwarya Rajeev has completed her MDS degree and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is an avid reader and loves to teach and write!

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