Development – Week 11

Week 11 – Diaphragm starts forming!

Welcome to week 11 of your pregnancy. Your baby is a size of a fig (anjeer) and weighs around 3.5-4 grams now. It is also noteworthy to mention that baby can open and close his/her tiny hands that you’re eagerly waiting to hold. The little one is also moving around with delicate movements inside you.

So, let’s summarize the main events that you will see in this week

Tiny tooth buds are continuing to form within your baby’s gums. Chin and neck are also becoming more developed from last week. The baby’s ears move higher on the head, making the facial features more defined.

Your baby’s bones are starting to harden.

Tiny movements like kicking and stretching start by the developing baby. These movements will happen more often in the coming weeks as the baby grows and becomes more mature.

The little one may start hiccupping! This could be due to fact that the diaphragm is forming this week and this helps in increasing the breathing function of the baby.

Developmental Milestones Summary:

Tiny movements within the womb. This week marks the formation of the diaphragm and hardening of your baby’s bones.

 Ultrasound findings:

The baby’s neck is growing, which separates the large head (which makes up more than 50% of his/her body size currently) from the rest of the body. Facial bones are bright white areas (indicates the hardening of these bones).

Fetal Size:

The baby now measures around 1 ½  inch from crown to rump (CRL).

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